First Person Singularity

Another day, another opportunity to awe at the Deva of IPod Divination.

After emerging dazed from a Hellish transfiguration spasm this morning, I strapped on the IPod to spot me through breakfast and smiled faintly through the numb at the line up of lyrical winks, jabs, nods and validations.   Playing alphabetically through the song list, I was progressing through the  I‘s:  The I am‘s, the I was‘s, the I’lls and I’ms and a couple of If‘s.  In addition to the lyric commentary, I noted how there were three cuts from Alice Cooper Goes to Hell within a short span of songs, and I smiled in acknowledgement of how Hell starts with this little “I”
— individual, individuated, isolated, insular–
that conceives itself as separate.
How fitting that so many songs on Goes to Hell begin with “i.”
Of course, there are plenty of Holy songs beginning with ‘I’–the Initial one: the I that all IS;  the original I AM that knows no other.
 Such is the paradox; I is also for Impostor.
Did you know that “Imbecile” derives from the meaning “without  backbone or support?”  Ignorance and Sin are simply the errors of believing we are separate from the Source of all and therefore without support–Isolated, irretrievable, inconsolable….  
(Sigh)…  Ill-fated Illusory Identity.

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