always a smile inside


          Some posit that Mind is all there is. Everything we personally experience is perception, a subjective product of our nervous system. And the body– in fact everything apparently external to, but actually contained within, Mind– is an out-picturing (a projection) from our personal minds, our subjective meaning making machines.

And many also apprehend that beneath and beyond the swirling atmosphere and weather patterns of ego—thoughts, emotions, sensations, neuroses, meanings,–there is just a consciousness, often perceived as of self of ambient love and joy.

As I came face to face with my impressive new panoramic dental X-ray this week, I was reminded of how, time and again, I’m impressed with the smile that looms insistently beneath the set and sagging jowls of even the most invested and miserable curmudgeon, when the costume of flesh yields to X-rays or decomposition.

We can project our aversion to death on a grinning skull and try to deny its mirth. But there is always the sense that he knows what we try to deny and is having the last laugh.


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