Blessed Solstice to All!20150618_085533

In a powerful time on Earth, a powerful weekend is upon us here in Santa Fe.           

As we approach the longest day of the year,  towering thunderheads gather again today like waves, to break over us with the release, relief and the anointing shower of another monsoon. The desert is happy, yet still greedy for rain: hear the hunger echoed in the rumbling bellies of the clouds.    

And at Buffalo Thunder Casino, another power will radiate forth: Amma-chi, a living saint, an embodiment of the Divine Mother, will offer Darshan, holding all in her embrace.

Darshan came early for me today, as I accompanied a friend to scatter the ashes of her late husband. He (and she) had been imprisoned by that box long enough. As she gave him liberty, into air and earth, I carried the beautiful wooden statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe (who had held vigil with his remains in the house) to a clear, level circle –a sacred place–amid the trees and installed her in a spot that seemed destined for her, set into the blanched stump of a Ponderosa Elder.   And she and the tree smile there still, beatifically, and grateful as I for that place.

I heard the welcome of the pines and felt the eternal home one contacts in such moments, in such places, and remembers is always there, unchasable, ungraspable, ever-bestowed. 



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