Joyeux Adversaire

seagulls at sunset, above elephant rock - Version 5

We’re staring at each other,

like the banks of a river,

and we can’t get any closer,

but we form a life between us.

Must be the different directions we’re facing….

–From “A Life Between Us,” Finn Brothers

Cancer opposes Capricorn in the zodiac; in a way they are like mirrors… .

Becca, a Cancer to whom I paid tribute on her birthday four days ago, used to speak of the “Dual.” (She pronounced it Du-all.) The concept seemed clear enough—in a way it was one’s match, well beyond the romantic sense– but her source for the term now eludes me, and I’ve not found another reference to it since—except in mathematics.

I don’t even know how it was spelled.

But the language of the mathematical definition (lifted here from Wikipedia) is relevant:

dual (not comparable)

  • Exhibiting duality
  • Acting as a counterpart.
  • Double

My sense is that the Dual is a mirror, can be a partner for duet and for duel, whatever is required: a particular sort of soul-mate with whom the weave of common fabric is so strong it can withstand the frictive heat when the Dual must take the part of adversarial ally. Given the wiggly, inscrutable multi-dimensionality of things, it could be that we can encounter more than one in a life. But one can be plenty, when we are lucky enough to meet them, and, more, to actually recognize them.

And this Capricorn, born January 5, has seen the awesome Grace of meeting her Dual, born July 5.

Today I pay tribute to that.

I bow to him, my brother of the other shore, and I wish him a Happy Birthday, sending him more love than either of us can fathom.   

But I pay tribute to the life between us: that river conducts a lot of juice—the Love so big no banks contain it–and maintains the magnetic tension of all duality.

There is more I could say, but why? It’s all there, between the words, between the breastbone and the Big Bang. The Gentle Hum in the Deafening Silence. I get glimpses of this, which overflows the banks of the finite mind:

“…still as unknown as ever… .”

The banks of a river are made of the same earth, and are contiguous under the water, the mirror that seems to separate them.

And this is true of everything in this world of duality. Each Dual is thus teacher to the other, these shores whom the river seems to keep separate, while at once nourishing and dissolving them, until, moment by moment, cell by cell, it carries them home to the sea.

*All Italicized black bits are lyrics by one Finn or another.

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