…No desire to see the new Star Wars movie. I enjoyed the original, enjoyed the romp, respected its wonderful re-telling of a mythic, archetypal story. But I was 12. That was long ago, in a life far, far away.
The numbers tell of triumph for the new installment. So I was amused and refreshed to read this testimony from my friend Bruce, who saw the film this week with his grown children:

The movie was grotesque. It had a half-way decent story line and some good acting, but the gratuitous violence (with innumerable humungous explosions) was both tiresome and, actually, boring.  Although it’s the biggest box-office hit on record, for me, it was atrocious. How “dumbed down”can the American movie-viewing population become???


I have yet to see it, so I cannot say that I concur, but I suspect that I would sympathize, as this has been my response to so many BIG movies in recent years.  That said, I hope that all who see it do enjoy it, derive some inspiration from it. For disappointment in something beloved can be corrosive demoralization. However, I hope that those who are not pleased will embrace disillusion as a gateway to awaken to something deeper and truer. In that way, The Force will have won in the end. …Listen!…

Isn’t that Yoda laughing!?


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