Thalli Deva


Out the window, a late April Snow

mutes the green fire of Spring.

Yet through the window of my trusty wood stove

a green spirit appears in the flames.

On one hand I know it’s just chemical glow,

but I rise to the magic it brings.

So hungry am I, like the flames for this dry wood,

that a place in my heart silent sings

to welcome this Sprite

with all mischief and might

and renew life’s mysterious Bling.

m.l. 4/18 N.M


One thought on “Thalli Deva

  1. Goodness, what were you burning? Beautiful!

    OPB, our local Public Radio station, interviewed Christa Tippit today. She was great, and what an interesting life.

    80º here! I have been planting things on my deck. I’m back in my element!

    Love, Annelou

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