…In which Pooh learns Nothing is VERY Important…

Then Eeyore  stepped out from under his cloud and concluded,

E:         And yet, all is well.

            Just Love.

            Be Present.

Piglet (thoughtfully):

            Love….    Be Present.

E:         Be Love.

            Present Love.

            Love Presence.

Pooh (who had nodded off):

            Love Presents?!

E:         Pre-sense Love.

Piglet: What senses Love?

E:         Presence.

(on a roll now)

            And what Loves sense?


            What Presents Love?


            And what Loves Presence?


Christopher Robin:

            …What asks “What?”

E:         Presence!

Pooh:  What’s the Difference?

E:         Nothing.


What does this have to do with Mother’s Day?… you might well ask (particularly if you were Kanga, apparently the only mother in the Hundred Acre Wood). And here Owl would have to swoop down and unravel a rather tenuous syllogism for everyone (without actually using the word “syllogism,” which would cause Piglet to tremble and Pooh to nod off again).  

OWL: M had thought of calling that poem–if you can call it a poem–“Eeyore being Milne for Enso…,” which really makes very little sense, except that Enso is another name for Mu, which is another name for The Void, but which was–sort of –also the nick-name of the mother of her friend, A.   

Then OWL would have to pause, and, seeing that this illuminated no one, make something up.

“M’s mother very much appreciated Milne. She read it to all the dear children in her life, which made them love Milne, too.  M’s mother was a dear and remarkable creature. She loved Mozart,” Owl said, with knowing approval, “And she loved Cats, which, if they had wings, would be owls,” he added generously.  And then, with his gaze drifting to disguise incomprehension as irony, he concluded. “She also loved The Teletubbies.” And he paused, as if for portent…or perhaps for a rimshot, but all the monkeys were two jungles over being extras in a Rudyard Kipling story.


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.





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