The Molar of the Story

     It’s not like it was going to be a normal week. I was to start teaching a new yoga class at a local wellness center. I was going to minister the service at the Center for Inner Truth.

     But my own center of Inner Truth had something else in the works: a whole new teaching in surrender, another pride stripping pass from the Great Tongue of the Divine Mama-cat. Of course,  she used all external and circumstantial trimmings of my life as leverage, and all I could do was let go. Sometimes we resist these surprising developments and it becomes like pulling teeth, a tug of war between the Ego and the Divine Endontist. And no matter how the little self sets its jaw, we all know who eventually wins. This week offered a multi-faceted—metaphoric as well as literal—spin on Extracting Wisdom.

     There is much more to the story–a layered and remarkable glimpse of how Grace steers and nudges our psyche and circumstances with mind-boggling precision– and maybe that tale will roll out later. But for now, amid the happy anesthetic high and drooling grin, I simply report it’s been a good week for growth—a hard week, but a good week. I’ve welcomed new living wisdom, rather than clinging to a tired old tooth: a personal “demolarization” that had become a monument to collective demoralization.  In place of the wisdom tooth now there is what dentists call might a dry socket but what I will call a sacred void.

     And where the molar aching in its socket seemed to harbor grief. The after birth has offered nothing but laughter.

Photo on 6-10-16 at 12.21 PM


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