Anal Fission and other dark forces.

There may be be no cure.

You can do the math.

What I wish for my poor world

is a psychic sitz bath.



We often associate the phrase “Pain in the Ass” with a nuisance. Truth be told though, pain in the ass is a formidable adversary, precisely because, since it is attacking the area of the energy body (root chakra) associated with one’s survival and fundamental validity, one can scarcely help but regard it as adversarial. It is some of the hardest pain to allow, to accommodate to, because it seems to attack one’s very right to exist, one’s root in the physical world.

Even though I have lived pretty clean for my first 50 years, in recent months of my 51st year, I have developed an uncannily ferocious complex of afflictions at my tail end. This is where all the deepest shadow has been stored.

The body is a miracle, subject to physical laws but also to much subtler psychic forces. It is an instrument and a repository for all kinds of intelligence, and each intelligence has its own kind of memory. And when those many expressions of memory are activated all at once—by, for example, retracing old trauma—it is quite a phantasmagoria of sensation. Physical pain is one thing, but when combined, beyond clear cognition, with collective and personal trauma, shame, powerlessness and all manner of other human themes and emotion, which rip through the subtler bodies like a napalm wind—it quite literally cleans your clocks. It makes it very hard to even pretend to functionality. The ages are demanding audience and catharsis; it becomes your dharma or your downfall (and often looks like both).

As a carrier of the void, I’ve always been an advocate for the underbelly, the vulnerable, shadowy side of human experience, where the soul mines rich, forbidden truths. Even if these truths turn out to be fictions, they must be respected, as must the dark, which is real until someone turns on the light.

When you call in the Light, it comes. It is then you learn that thoughts, memory, and all other structures of self cast shadows. The light begins to flush them out. It augers in, down, deep. It awakens in the beneath and the between. Thus it is that, after a glowing honeymoon phase basking in the light, the emboldened one who recognized its Self in the Light, and romanced that Light with bold vows and prayers for more, enters a tunnel of increasingly chiaroscuro transfiguration.

My latest, formidable adversarial allies in this process have been a hemorrhoid and anal fissure, afflictions which can inhabit the same square inch of bodily real estate and require completely contrasting treatment. They cohabit insistently, en-fleshing every paradox that must be held without resolution in the heart and mind.

They bite my ass, slashing, like Kali, with excruciating precision at the tender tissues of my hind-end, and also at pride and all other sensations and structures of “self.”

I can feel that self grip in defense, in indignity, in the same mechanism that has preserved me and my ancestors through the ages, allowing us to evolve to this point.

Simultaneously, I can feel how, if I could access that impulse and relax it, there would be no more pain. What a conundrum, when the self recognizes that it is its own obstacle to peace, to liberation; when it recognizes that there is no remedy possible, only forgiveness. 

The body is not at fault. Nor is the person who fears she has failed to keep it healthy. This is simply a time in our seething world when we are being called to respond differently, to Love: To love the pain and the assholes and all inflamed eruptions on the world stage—whether violent actions or political candidates— not because they are asking for it, not because they are what or who they are, but because we are what we are.

We are being asked to Trust what we are, and embrace what we are,  in ourselves and everyone else:

  To BE Love even if when can’t FEEL love.

It is what we are for.

It is what we are made of.



2 thoughts on “Anal Fission and other dark forces.

  1. What beauty and eloquence of language you have used to express your experience. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey to such a depth of insight and awareness.

  2. I found this to be a particularly powerful river of thought. I was swept into eddies of rumination and recollection of processes that have been playing out in my life since accepting this experience of human form. I was reminded of numerous moments of illumination regarding wholeness from Divine perspectives, and how those perspectives have transformed what I perceive as my “self” and the way I walk through my experience of time.
    I am inspired to be more persistently aware of the landscape of my own body and its connection to the collective human organ of planet Gaia. To overcome the impulses to despise the ailing parts of my own organism with the diligence of loving devotee caring for the temple becomes the acceptance, the loving, and the forgiveness of all humanity past, present and future.
    I would encourage all who have taken the time to read the blog and this comment to take the time to count the many blessings of your own personal place of experiencing the Earth realm. Take the time to love your personal Temple of Spirit in all it’s perfect imperfection. When faced with a pain, dis-ease, or dis-ability to see it as an opportunity to Love your-self deeper and see if it doesn’t carry you into deeper place of love and forgiveness for all humanity.

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