Happy Equinox

Harvest time at Jim Farley’s Garden…


photo by Jim Farley



“How are you? “ they ask cheerfully.
…“Oh, gettin’ along.”
…“Won’t complain.”
All true.
Yet below there is a banshee’s jagged wail;
The convulsive kicking of hind legs
   as raccoon tumbles from under a car’s wheels;
The cracking, arcing of exposed power-wire
   shorting somewhere in Sushumna, and
   radiating, ricocheting
     through solid bones and plasmic organs,
       through heart, brain, mind, vision;
Light devouring shadow,
   which howls indignation
     through all time and space within this skin;
Gelatinous being twitching in the hot wind.
This is how I feel today.
But it will pass;
why frighten the children?
“Thanks for asking.”



Love Anyway. Love until it hurts. Musings on Mother Theresa.

We’ll call it a guest column.

In place of my own words today, I offer some beautifully stated musings by my dear friend, Art.


Mother Teresa has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I saw the movie The Letters not long ago and was extremely moved, not so much by the movie, but by being given introspection into her amazing dedication to a divine call in spite of her dessert experiences and the magnitude of the work she was called to do. And with such humility!

A patron saint for doubters. Wow! Pray for me Mother Teresa!

I can relate. To have been given lucid experiences of absolute perfection that quickly fade into the density of this middle world reality and continue believing that “everything, without exception, is perfect” has certainly given me occasions to doubt. Having run the energy of a  cynic for years, I am all too aware that to observe the course humanity through a logical human outlook can only lead to hopelessness. It requires a Divine perspective for real hope to enliven such a bleak trajectory that we find on planet Earth. I found optimism impossible apart from Divine perspective.

My doubtful human mind often thinks me delusional to cling to the idea that everyone is doing the best they can, given their unique blend of circumstances, and we are all part of the same Earth-body performing the task that is ours to do. That everything and every person must follow their nature to run the energy that they must run. That even the dissonant chaotic wave is on its path back to harmony and there is even an unrecognizable harmony ever present within the dissonance. That Love will prevail, no matter what!

If it is delusional, it still gives me hope and a will to carry on seeking to be an expression of Love. And so for now I carry on believing as best I can whether I can feel it or not.

This you may say is my burning bush; to Love the body as best I can, recognizing everyone as part of the body. To Love my own body as best I can, tenderly caring for the ailing parts of my own temple as an expression of Love for the whole. To forgive myself to the very best that I can, this also is an expression of forgiveness of the whole. To Love God with all of the heart, mind, and soul is synonymous with Loving the self and all the neighbors of the globe, and beyond.

Thanks to all incarnate sentient beings doing the work we must do. Thanks to you my fellow encouragers of Love. To Love fearlessly is no small task.

Prey for us all Mother Teresa!