Max Animate — an epitaph

This is Maxi:


Maxi was a “Coton de Tulear,” the national dog breed of Madagascar, which seems to blend the charm, coat and face of a poodle with the long, low body of a Corgi.

Maxi was 12 years old when he departed recently.  But this picture immortalizes him as the mascot of the Tribe of Life.  Having lived in Paris many of his years, he came to Santa Fe only a year or so ago, to bless us with his presence and to indulge his love of snow!

Snow was Maxi’s color and his element…

Though he leaves behind fond family and many admirers, he lives on, for me, in this image, his most fitting epitaph, a summation of a life well-lived. Here is a creature so in his element, he appears almost literally absorbed, disappearing into pure Life and Joy, into the pure white of his origins.

Here this innocent can teach us much!

Merci et Adieu, mon petit!


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