Teachings perpetual, learning gradual, class optional…


     I walked myself over to the yoga studio in hopes of teaching my class this morning, and in spite of many clues, I didn’t remember until after the starting time that all classes were cancelled for the holiday weekend. Sensing I really wanted (“needed”) to lead a class today, I mysteriously forgot no one was going to show, so that I would get out of the house and into the air, move the body and shift the energy…and then have the opportunity to work with an in-ordinate dejection that arose when my students didn’t show.

     With the realization of why, and the instant reframing that took place, I got to watch the red-herrings fall away and the tendrils grasping at outward clouds fall back into the sea of socked-in internal weather that was the source of the malaise all along. It is not that I wasn’t aware of it, but reaching the tendrils out had the affect of spreading and precipitating out a number of different emotional flavors and themes, like a fan of cards, for heightened awareness.  Then, like a slinky dropped closed, they all sank back into a cubby behind the base of my sternum.   But, they had been seen….

…And I gave thanks.


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