Moon eats Sun…balancing truth and power.

I have several friends right now on the road to rendezvous with the ecliptic. I’ve had other friends ask me why is this solar eclipse such a big deal?!

Frankly, everything has all the meaning you give it. But Meaning is Power; it is food to the mind and soul; and we carry meaning in our depths and subtle faculties that both eludes and shapes daily cognition.

Events like the eclipse exert influence on the collective and the individual, and the individual benefits self and cosmos most by participating consciously with both. From what I gather, this is a time to make peace and power with your meaning maker.

Here is an excerpt from wise Qi Gong master Ming Tong Gu’s comments on the solar eclipse:

…Energetically, a Solar Eclipse represents the experience of the void or darkness. It represents the direct earthly experience of cosmic and celestial energy —  pure potential and power — for good or bad. It also means what exists within consciousness around the time of this event will be magnified beyond normal experience.
 The true alchemical meaning of a solar eclipse is that it is a special, powerful, and sacred time for disrupting old patterns and fostering spiritual growth — especially for letting go of what is limiting from the past and envisioning what is more loving, kind, healing, generative, and fulfilling.

So all the Practice we do during this time will bear fruit through magnified power!

I’m also struck that in this strange time in which the worst of the human shadow has the institutional power in America (among other places), it is across our land that this eclipse is casting its visible shadow. This is a turning, an opportunity, as the Yin body is muting the Yan body, modeling for us how we as individuals still have the soul substance and capability to stand before power and exert influence, to shield  the living (our earth and children), and to assert conscience and truth; to see the power that we have.

What is power? you might well ask.  To make power your own,  perhaps it makes more sense to ask not What?, but Who?

To that end, I share a passage from Ruth Gendler’s wonderful collection, The Book of Qualities; it speaks to the path of mastery we must all be on now. Make it your own.

Power made me a coat. For a long time I kept it in the back of my closet. I didn’t like to wear it much, but I always took good care of it. When I first started wearing it again, it smelled like mothballs. As I wore it more, it starting fitting better, and stopped smelling like mothballs.

I was afraid if I wore the coat too much someone would want to take it or else I would accidentally leave it in the dojo dressing room. But it has my name on the label now, and it doesn’t really fit anyone else. When people ask me where I found such a becoming garment, I tell them about the tailor, Power, who knows how to make coats that your grow into. First you must find the courage to approach him and ask him to make your coat. Then you must find the patience inside yourself to wear the coat until it fits.

And to summarize in verse:

If an eclipse is God blinking;

we must all hold the light for the world while he does.

If it is only God winking, then

we must stay awake to get the joke. 

The Heavens will behave as they will,

and we may never know why.

But as they behave as they do,

How… Will ..I?



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