Louise Hay

There’s no such thing as good weather, or bad weather. There’s just weather and your attitude toward it.

That’s a segue from the last blog post to this one, and the statement was made by Louise Hay, who passed on today. I didn’t say “died,” because she’s immortalized in her contribution to society, to the collective psyche, to the evolution of humanity’s understanding of itself, especially those strands in the human tapestry that took the great detour with Western Science that drove a wedge between body and mind for a few centuries.

Louise Hay published  Heal your Body over 40 years ago, and its expanded version, the seminal You can Heal your Life, continued to chart on best seller lists 20 years after publication  . It continues to be a dog-eared reference  for healers the world over. Most of it can be found on line now; I consult it every so often, taking it for granted like many of a certain age have the dictionary, or the phone book, or Scripture.

So it is I make an extra post to acknowledge a luminary, a remarkable woman, who used illness in her own life to learn spiritual lessons, and then shared what she learned. Many others have followed her journey, and some have further researched and refined her teachings.  What she taught, each of us has the capacity to learn. But she  forged for us a path and permission for remembrance.

She also said:

We are all students and teachers.

Ask yourself: What did I come here to learn and what did I come here to teach?

Like this woman who posed it, none of us should really ever stop asking that question.


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