Love like a Refugee

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been tired. Homelessness–even my own buffered brand of quasi-homelessness– is more wearing in winter. However, I know my vexations are shot through with Grace. To bastardize Tom Petty, You don’t have to Think like a Refugee.

I subscribe to Uplift TV.  I recently enjoyed, and recommended to many, the short animated film Alike, which can be streamed from Uplift.

This evening I watched Salam Neighbor, which they made available for Human Rights Day, and I recommend it highly. It is heartening hour or so with people in a grim situation, who inspire with their beauty and resilience.

Whenever I see people coming together in crisis, I want to be there helping. And I know
that if I were driving a different body, I would be. But watching this film was another reminder that we all contribute and we all have value.  We all do what we can where we find ourselves. Alhamdulilllah!
If we’re lucky, I’ve included a viable link: click here . If not, you can find it on YouTube Movies for $3.99, or find Uplift TV on line and subscribe. It’s free.

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