I. HeartGarden Witnessing

In time you’ll see that some things travel faster than light. In time you’ll recognize that Love is Larger than Life. And praise will come to those whose kindness leaves you without debt, and bends the shape of things that haven’t happened yet.

Neil Finn

Upon receiving a tearful thank you from me for her clear, calm witness in a time of duress, a clairvoyant mentor quipped with amusement born of experience, “That’s why there is more than one of us here!”

And that’s the miracle of the paradox of personhood.  For every one of us here, there are as many mirrors as it takes for us to see ourselves clearly, and ultimately to realize that there is also only one of us, masquerading as the many.

And that is why I’m here. To see and be seen. I was given a gift that enables me to mirror and witness others, to see what our buried truths, our unsung songs, want us to hear, remember and honor. I’m a messenger from the Laughing Mother Self, who is enjoying the puzzles we find ourselves in and is always willing to offer some clues.

How can I help?

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