V. Counting the Omer…

Counting the Omer, 2019


Preamble, April 20, 2019

I begin to count the Omer early this year,

not because I started “late” last year, with Ramadan,

but because I need it; it is time.

There was a hole in my wisdom tooth. So they dug a little deeper and filled the hole with plastic—not real wisdom, but a facsimile– to guard what remained.

I can feel my mouth again, but the rest of the body is digesting the dull, numbness of the novocaine…No Vocation. New Cain…  I feel a little lost.

I look to the ephemeris for clues. But I confess, with my inner firmament cloudy, I don’t know what it means that the Sun enters Taurus today, that Venus entered Aries, that Juno moves into Cancer.

Even as my moon seems to be void of its course early, I DO know what Loving Kindness is. And I hold it within me, before me, sheltering it from the unsettled winds and feeding it with my own stale breath, and I let it shine into the dim. That is what it does. I need only remember: I am That.

Chesed within Chesed.

I AM that I AM.

Day One

Chesed within Chesed:

This year,

on our common calendar,

Passover falls in the Tomb Time

Between crucifixion and resurrection.

If there are no accidents,

the invisible fire clogging my temple with smoke

 is a controlled burn…

controlled but not by me.

Even so, I must shepherd the young lambs

And even the old wolves

Of my being…

Blind but for the light of Chesed.

As my boat—

Safe all along on forgotten water—

Is steered by an absent Shepherd.


Day Two, Easter

Gevurah within Chesed

The candles are lit, but the wicks are short and the flames are small.

I want to will them to burn bigger, stronger, brighter,

But my own will feels muted, weighted and encumbered today.

I cannot be discouraged by the appearance of things.

I must let the infrared light of acceptance shine, invisibly, from within

To see in the dark and stoke my will.

Yesterday Christ was in the tomb.

Christ in the Tomb is Jesus in the Womb.

My Christ, like I was 54 years ago,

Is reluctant to emerge.

I can hear the hummingbirds but I cannot feel their joy…


My joy may not sound like theirs,

So I accept atonement, trust, wait,

Unseeing eyes open,


I am alive and willing.

That is enough.

Day 3: Earth Day

Tiferet within Chesed

Everything is the center of its own universe, in a Universe that has no Center.

My Heart is the Center of my Universe, yet its Voice calls me from every where.

When I cannot quite reach the eye of a storm,

And equanimity seems nowhere,

I must let go of that center and be Here,

In the wild winds of Illusion,

Willing to give my last breath to Presence

And to the deep buried treasure of my own Goodness,

And then listen to the voices issuing from every other center.

Not words, but old Friends:

Love, Truth,

Faith, Trust,

Strength, Courage,




Day 4; April 23

Netzach within Chesed

(endurance/victory w/in Loving kindness)

This Love is strong because it is pure,

dense with coherence, like structured water.

I see the rogue molecules of my mind ricocheting through it,

fuzzy tailed comets, drunk on their very existence and freedom to explore.

But sit here, still, for long enough and see

 how they are travelling in elaborate circles (which tighten with time),

how their bubbles seem to disrupt and scatter Love’s clear spring of song.

Each day I ask what is mine to do.

I must let the frolicking mind splash in the shallows,

batting about these questions,

but I will not move until buoyed by the up-swell of a smile,

perhaps a melodious sigh,

of the Lady of the Lake.


If I am not afraid

Of starving to death,

of not knowing ,

of getting it wrong,

of failing at this game…

I am complete, and whole and free.

Is that possible in this body, in this world?

I will Love the fear tenderly, and see.

Day 5: Awe within Loving Kindness

Hod within Chesed

This poem was unfolding in my head as I rose, before consulting the Omer contemplation calendar:

And Lo, after much wrestling,

I came to know the Tar-baby is myself.

And Lo, after much calling,

I came to know the Angel is myself.

And Lo, after much travelling,

I came to see that every place and every one is myself

And Lo, after much praying

I came to know that Allah is my Self

And Lo, after much writing,

I came to learn that words are dead skin;

There are no words for                 .


Following contemplation:

Awe stops you, stills you.

In that holy instant, the universe resets.

No action. You can only yield.


Awe looks outward

…a supernova

…a meditation bell

that cracks the shell

that rends reality

so you fall inward

and finally rest…

Rest in the yoke of the most nutritive Love.

Alt Version:

Awe looks outward

To a supernova

To a meditation bell

To a miracle

that tames Jehovah

that cracks the shell

that rends the tabernacle

so you fall inward

and finally rest…

as the nutritive Love

of the yoke of the Cosmic Egg.

DAY 6: Foundation (Yesod within Chesed)

(Sacral Center/Creativity within Loving Kindness)

“You have an electron deficiency,” he said.

It had felt like a cracked block!

When a star child cannot conduct the living elixir between Earth and Cosmos,

the foundation turns to stone, becomes brittle.  It is hard to move.

When electrons jump ship and the protons lose all joy in the chase,

yes, photons can still move through the heart. I can love, if not with mind, with Soul.

But why do I give my electrons away?

What misguided altruism is this?

The 5G world careens out of control, yes,

But I am no use to it without them.

Poor little quantum bodhisattva…

This is a job for Quantum Yin!

You knew where to find her,

Here, in the forest, by the stream,

Among the Ents and Elementals,

This is home; it is time to come home.

SHE knows all, does not need to understand,

Nor be understood.

She holds the cracked block of my being—

With its invisible fissure, fatal in some other life—

With no woe; only Love.

No story; only Kindness;

No measure; only Generosity.

Nothing to fix,

Only to witness, to accept, to love.

Perhaps it is my time to jump ship with the electrons…

To declare that I am no longer a donor…no longer a Do-er.

I ‘ll reclaim my heritage among celestials…

Just be still and shine,

A dark star of Love

Living on breath and neutrinos.

Day 7: Malkut within Chesed

(Majesty/Dignity within Loving Kindness)

The final obstacle is the belief there is an obstacle.

This belief is an addiction.

I come from a long line of addicts.

 (I must) Get bigger…

Sing Tey Tey Malkuta all day through,

drawing a whole choir of angels through the needle’s eye

to dance with me on top of a headless pin!

To get bigger we must let go and be stretched,

Let reality swell with in us until our illusion bursts like a boil.

To grow up, I must be willing to be Thy child, 

to parent myself as if I am the Christ child.

I Am.

Oh, Benevolent Auspice,

Let me remember that this world is a masquerade ball,

That this crack palace of addicts is a Dynasty of Divine Kings.

That I am the Heir-a-Parent.

Embrace Thy Destiny,

Receive Thy Crown!

Day 8: Chesed within Gevurah

(Loving kindness within Strength, Boundaries, Discernment)

In meditation this morning, I hit a wall.

At first, knowing a soul wants freedom,

my mind made it a problem to be solved,

An obstacle to overcome,

the stone sealing my tomb.

But instead, I just witnessed it,

Leaned in without opinion,

Felt the pockmarks, the ivy,

Felt the pressure of its solidity,

Felt the pain, unconsciousness and mystery it was made of,

The seamless, doorless, brickwork.

And I wondered if this wasn’t just the perimeter–

The perameter–

of Life Incarnate.

And if, rather than dreaming on green grass of freedom beyond

I shouldn’t just turn around and tend the garden within,

Embrace Eden.

Embrace shimmering and vibrant cluelessness…




DAY 9: Geruvah within Geruvah

I feel them there inside,

See them there like rusty wreckage in the murk,

The parts of “me” that won’t relent,

And the other parts that surrender

Too much, to compensate.

Yet there is a living pulse from center,

Concentric waves rolling outward,

Tense, relax, tense, relax,

Strength, relent

Ascent, descent

Repel, embrace,

In-breath, out-breath,

Wave, trough,

Never Nothing,

Always Trust





within Grace

within Grace.

Day 10: Tiferet within Gevurah

(Balance/Harmony within Strength and Boundaries)

When a babe’s desire is called selfishness,

It takes a long time to remember the difference

Between anger and strength.

When a child is forbidden to feel anger

She does not learn

That one can have boundaries without it.

When a cell wall is breeched,

A nucleus becomes allergic to existence.


There is no still point

Except the still point.

All else is course correction.

DAY 11: Endurance within Strength

Any challenge,

When approached with a warrior’s spirit,

Is a lark, a lucky life.

Presence? Check!

Willingness? Check!

Amusement? Check!

Outcome uncertain,

But success guaranteed.


This confounding knot of sensation inside…. I know that everything dissolves in time. And yet I can be impatient, knowing how many warriors and resources are caught up in the stalemate. This is a problem only if I believe they have something else more important to do.

This knot makes it hard to swallow. Perhaps I have swallowed too much already.

When this knot dissolves, so may this very vessel, this life, and my miraculous capacity to be aware of it, and grateful.

This may be chocolate in the face of my craving for strawberry, but it is still ice cream; this is still a lucky life.

How lucky to rest on solid ground and also to know it isn’t solid.

DAY 12: Awe within Strength

You belong

Whether you know it or not, Warrior Child.

And the trusting of this

Sifts and smelts the fear from awe.


This World,

This Death,

This God

 Cannot threaten me

Because I am a part of it.

This Fire

This Wind

This Fear

Cannot make me less its brother in creation.

We are both heroes in this story.

Of course, you dread its power to forget you to who you are.

But perhaps it has come to chase away forgetfulness.

Stand in the smelter.

Dissolve and be sifted

Into magic and laughter.

DAY 13:  Yesod within Gevurah

(Foundation within Strength and Discernment)


Does this life make my Yesod look Fat?

Broken? Invisible?

God, give me the Gevurah to know who I am,

And who I’m not,

So that even in the fun-house mirror of perception

I can see perfection.

There is wholeness in every pixel of this pageant!

Even in the echoes of a crushed pelvis,

I can wag my tail!

Fortitude is found where you wish it.

If you want oxygen at the bottom of the ocean,

you must put it there yourself.

DAY 14: Malkut within Gevruah

(Majesty,Nobility, “I CAN,” within Strengh)

Ahhhh. What a relief,

The relative quiet of this city morning.

Waking from last night’s Astral party

like emerging from a pinball arcade…

Slipping into the mortal body still crusted with Astral sweat.

Breathe. Boil water. Be amused.

…and Own the body.

This moment, too, is privileged adventure.

Stretch. Reach into the murk,

To the empty center of the joints,

To the innermost folds around the spine:

Crackling cable of consciousness.

Dive into the center of the Ache

And plant your flag of laughing fire

And manna.


Day 15: Chesed within Tiferet

(Loving Kindness within Beauty, Harmony and Balance)


Imperfect moments make up the perfect collage of a life.

Such pretty words for a messy process,

All mud-pies, paper-maché,

and bobbing for apples and rubies in the slough of old skins and sin.

Set your course for that Bright Star,

But stay in the boat,

And sing “I Love, Therefore I AM” all the way.

Thus serenaded, your star will lean closer to join you,

Cooing Remember…

The way is 10% star selection, 90% course correction!

Day 16:  Gevurah within Tiferet

(Boundaries/Discernment within Balance/Harmony)


Tey, Tey Malkuta!

Cinco de Mayo. New Moon…

I feel so expanded that no such markers have meaning.

Boundaries disappear in this radiance,

this angel choir song emanating from the center of everywhere.

Thy Kingdom is Come.

And it seems infinite from here on my Throne (meditation cushion).

But now it is time to move,

To allow the brain, bones and flesh to coalesce

just enough, for locomotion and thoughts of breakfast.

How does this gelatinous cloud of Light negotiate the world unabraded?

Oozing forgiveness at every sharp corner of forgetfulness,

for every memory of God’s wounded Son?

How does Wisdom deflect and transform,

Never again to hide under a bushel?

I open my eyes to See,

my heart to Hear,

My body to Be…



Day 17: Tiferet within Tiferet

Harmony/Beauty within Harmony/Beauty/Balance


 “Nothing good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.”

As if to show me my thoughts were chasing someone else’s tale

A moth came down and circled my crown,

Insistently as Tinkerbell,

Until I followed it round…

And round…

Willing to listen to my own true voice in its silence.

And I remembered the tiny and luminous blue butterfly

Who frolicked yesterday at my ankle

As I walked a thawing mountain path in full trickle.

The ice of these lies

Freezing together my mind, lung and liver

With toxic notions

Will thaw soon enough

And be swirled into Truth

Before they reach the ocean.

DAY 18: Netzach within Tiferet

Structure/Endurance/Victory within Harmony/Beauty/Balance


The movie might be all about sin and carnage,

But let the heart’s tears blur your eyes and see

How the weave of the screen is seamless, ordered, reliable.

Today, however, awareness is challenged to be subject without object.

I can see the weave, but not the weaver.

…Like Truman’s boat colliding with a metallic clunk into the edge of his known world.

It is as if the window that is Awareness is straddled by a great Spider pouring forth the filigree of her web, unending; the substance of Life.

This is the projector itself, perhaps. And I am both projectionist and audience.

But who exists before the content. Who existed before the story?

Somehow I know I am the Light that pours through the film,

Onto the screen and even through it.

But, today, I cannot confirm it with the eyes that bend the Light to see.


DAY 19:  Hod within Tiferet

Awe/Humility within Harmony/Beauty/Balance

There is an invisible sun I have been orbiting all my life

Along with all its progeny,

Radiant little stars, each glowing with some stretch of its bandwidth,

But not all.

…Power, Permission, Annointedness,

Presence, Autonomy, Sovereignty,

Seniority, Sanction, Entitlement,

Will, Wholeness, Ownership…

Words, circling this center that combines all their meanings

in an unknown alchemy and glory.

I have found no word to invoke it,

Like wise ones sound no name for G*D.

Perhaps if I found this word,

knew this word,

spoke this word,

wore this word,

I might become it…

And in a great supernova

All other worlds would disappear,

And so would I.

Would that be sin or salvation?

DAY 20: Yesod within Tiferet

Foundation within harmony/balance

Presence follows breath.

The Ruby-Radiant goddess Menses has returned

A long year since our last parting—

Our final parting, I had thought.

But we never actually know a blood moon is our last,

Until her tide has long since receded,

And many a white moon has come and gone.

Once in a “blue moon,” though, the Ruby moon

Returns to show me what it is like

To plant my center of gravity

Back in the womb,

In the sacred Earth-end of the spine,

Rather than the fizzy cupola of the mind,

Where it floats up like balloons

and gets trapped by the ceiling of the skull.

As each balloon strains upward

the blood draws it down,

And the breath follows.

Thoughts slow to a pelvic pace.

I am no longer top heavy.

Balance is found in the swollen womb of stillness.


DAY 21: Malkut within Tiferet

(Majesty/Dignity/I CAN within Harmony/Beauty

My ships may still be beyond the horizon,

But my Kingdom is Come, here

Where my feet burrow down into soft sand,

Through the hot, dry scatter

Into cool, magnetic memory

Of ocean,

Of origins,

Of Home.

How many steps can I carry this

as I walk on the warm dunes of these borderlands

Between water and earth,

Between sacred and mundane…

Now and then…

Womb and crypt…

Eternity and amnesia?


DAY 22: Chesed within Netzach

(Loving Kindness within Victory/Structure/Endurance)


The sun may be breaking through the ceiling of clouds above,

But the clouds that rolled into my field overnight seem impenetrable.

Seems I’ve been here before,

But have I been beyond?

I can scarcely remember.

Prayer today is not so much for glory or triumph,

But humbly to find the contours of the adversary, pervasive and invisible.

To find its color, flavor, shape, and direction;

Its head, perhaps, a tail…its agenda.

Not to fight it, or even to understand.

But to see it…

And distinguish it from the flickering torch of Love,

Dropped as I slept,

Which still lives here in the shadow

And can light the way home,

Which is hidden

Right here and right now.


DAY 23: Gevurah within Netzach

(Strength/Boundary within Endurance Victory)


The sinews of one’s being must be elastic

—saturated with the lanolin of amusement—

To hold the paradoxes of Incarnation

without tearing to pieces.

I must know myself to run this race,

Must contain and propel this organism forward with exuberant confidence,

Stay in my lane, remembering that

I and the others are discrete glories

As we hurdle toward the same, shared goal.

But a finite vessel can only hold so much—

Strength, stamina, endurance.

So I must keep the pores of this separating skin open to the infinite,

Know that it is all God chasing God chasing God,

God praising God praising God;

And we receive our auspice,

 We drink, eat and love,

from the same well.

It doesn’t matter who wins the race;

Just keep running—

Not from but to—

while remembering to breathe in the shared air of infinity with every step.


DAY 24: Tiferet within Netzach

(HarmonyBeauty within Endurance/ Victory)


Outside the windows of my eyes, I see 101 shades fear.

I close my eyes and look inside and see Nothing.

Not Nothing. Shadows. You are looking with your outside eyes,

Whispers the heart, in an inside voice,

Look with Love.

I relax my gaze and it tumbles into the dew-field behind my sternum.

The dim wall rolls and ripples, as a warm breeze animates a curtain

And nothing disappears.

Just for an instant.

With Love it is enough.



DAY 25: Netzach within Netzach

Enduring Victory within Enduring Victory

I do not care for zoos.


If I go to the zoo, it is not to see animals in cages,

limited in their fates.

It is not to celebrate human dominance

Nor decry their defeat.

It is because I, of limited body and perception,

 have not the money, time, stamina, or multi-location skill

To visit every inch of Earth to commune with

 and celebrate every unfathomable miracle of Creation.

I settle for a curated few

Because I want to celebrate it anyway.

I need to glimpse it so I don’t get lost in my own cage,

Lose sight of the miracle of my own life

And the greater life from which I spring.

And so, in the language of wild silence,

 I sing a delirious song of praise

to each creature who has relinquished territory

 to come and hold my gaze, through bars,

or across a moat, to show me

the throbbing and perpetual miracle of Creation,

of Beauty, radiating through stripes, spots,

sleek fur, smooth scales and my own thirsty freckles,

and reawakening the Wild Glory we are all made of,

which no prison can contain.


DAY 26: Hod within Netzach

Awe/Humility/Glory within Endurance/Victory


What if that betrayal was not to condemn me to exile but to set me free?

…To show me that I depend on no one for my validity but the Loving Mystery that births all?

..To show me that, here on this Holodeck, I may not be God, but I am Regent?

Only in my play do I (co-)write script; in hers I’m just a character on loan.

In her final script, this scene was deleted– never happened;

so I can re-write it in mine as a happy ending for all.

On my planet we all thrive, and we know it.

When we cry, it is the power of the Ocean in Wonder, giving thanks,

Washing the Heart before Supper.


DAY 27:   Yesod within Netzach

Foundation within Structure/Endurance/ Victory

All symptom are born of the Asymptote.

Asymptote is the mother of all addiction.

The Upward and the Downward Arrows come to meet but never merge.

Like oil and water they press in, they miss,

They rub against each other, exchange atoms as they pass.

They curl around each other in a twirling dance that turns the Earth

and makes us dizzy for Heaven and stagger about groping in unlikely directions

In a game of Pin the Tail on the Door Key,

Always almost there, but never quite.

The Downward and the Upward are the single actor playing both—all—star crossed lovers.

When you get that joke, the theater disappears,

Except for that one dense bone in the dirt…

And, anon, a voice says,

“Alas, poor Yorick,”

and the whole game begins again.


DAY 28:  Malchut within Netzach

Majesty/Dignity/Agency within Victory/Endurance


The moon has cycled full.

It’s ripe; it’s time.


(and the ever camouflaged always).

This is what I have come for.

I cannot be distracted by words,

And yet sometimes they are all I have.

I wish not to be limited by understanding,

But sometimes it is the lure required

To herd the cats.

I can taste it here,

Like bacon from the breakfast next door.

And I breathe it in

And agree to own it,

Even though I scarcely know how.

After a long journey, my friend has turned toward home.

The contagion of his exit euphoria showers us all with bliss.

And I see in him this morning all that I AM.


Thy will be

My will

Be done.

We are but the larynx of the Goddess,

Shredded gladly when she roars.


DAY 29: Chesed within Hod

(Loving Kindness within Awe/Humility/Glory)

This Cluelessness is such a deep shade of purple

That I can only Trust it…

Can only admire the power that this color promises in looming storm clouds…

Can only wonder at what this color promises in the mouth of a growing womb…

This is the deep and royal purple of auspice and pregnancy.

This cluelessness is the psychic anodyne and oxytocin

that blunt the edges of fear, diffuse the pain,

So that we may yet put one foot before the next on our journey home,

Dorothy sleepwalking in the Poppy-field,

On course, as sure as we don’t know the way,

Until the fog lifts , for however long,

And we find ourselves arrived, who knows where,

But gladly and vividly Here.

Day 30: Gevurah within Hod

(Strength/Boundaries within Awe/Humility/Glory)

It is exactly what I seek.

It is exactly what I AM.

Yet in that thick and busy border-zone between

Is such confounding Blindness

     Such resounding mindless Dukha!

I cannot take it in!

Nor can I break out.

The worst stench in Creation,

The one formulated over eons to best repel,

This, too—this especially!—is Heaven.

Is a masterpiece of Divine Mischief,

Tossed off over luncheon one day between thoughts.

I can only laugh…and Bow in Wonder

To this nut I cannot crack,

That I must place under the mattress, lie down and love

…the topsy,

the turvy,

the whole edgy mystery…

the whole indigestible banquet!


DAY 31: Tiferet within Hod

(Harmony/Beauty/Balance within Awe/Humility/Glory)

The sky is grey marble.

My mirror is a high, red, wrinkled fold of earthen flesh,

Its piney hairs all tousled, standing on end.

Humble grandeur hums beneath my feet.

A raven nudges her mate awake with softly chortling murmurs

Until he tumbles out of the tree

And slides along the air out of sight, in full trust of its support.

The hissing stream thickens this air to that

Even I might float on its fulsome quiet.

I don’t have to give thanks.

It simply lives in the weave of my being,

and witnesses the scene through the dormant structures of my city mind.

DAY 32: Endurance within Awe/Humility/Glory

A whistle in my nose in meditation opens up a canyon of memory

Of winds through the passages of time

to the tuneful wheezing of childhood asthma attacks:

the primal rhythm and frozen ache of every breath;

Body riding the labored winds,

Mind riding a reedy, keening chorus

through swollen tunnels to cool sips of oxygen.

No drama here; simply the fragrance of old confusion and present peace,

and a tiny little whistle to accompany me

in the gloaming of this perfect snowy morning in May.

Day 33: Hod within Hod

Awe…. Within Awe/Humility/Glory


When the sun finally returned,

Crisping the sighing, steaming trees with Gold,

I was a larva on the sodden earth…

Pure tenderness, too delicate to touch,

Held together only by sludge and slime that muted my luminosity

As I waited for the sun to reach me…remind me….

Meanwhile Tanagers and Towhees flash and dart, and

I eavesdrop on their gossip and glory.


Circling round the eye of Bodhi Mandala

Trace a glistening thread of Al Hamdulillah

Hot pool, cold river, again and again…

Who says you cannot repeat perfection?

Algae tufts rise on bubbles to romance

the cottonwood puffs landing for one last dance.

Breath and Blood rise to skin.

Bliss and beauty soak in.

Freckles fade and return to discover new friends.

O Holy Place, Springtime Shambhala,

Can a lifetime so blessed saunter on?


DAY 34: Yesod within Hod

(Foundation within Awe/Humility/Glory)

Back again after blissful remove,

Filled with Light.

Marie-Michele full of Grace…

Awe Begins within

Standing, arms linked,

Between Humility and Glory,

Curtains of the Heart Cave thrown open

To Sunrise and Sunset

At Once,

And every golden moment between…

And the depth of starry space beyond…

Singing and being sung,

Seeing and seen,

At Once,




“All” is too Small.



DAY 35: Malchut within Hod

(Dignity, Nobility, I CAN within Humility/Awe/Glory)

I open my eyes from meditation and I see that tree, greening.

In that I sense the winsome, plaintive tone-fragrance of my father’s being…

Peaceful…and yet….

Like a restful melody played on a klezmer…an oboe.. a cello,

the breath of the sound rubs against the contortions of wood,

picking up that little bit of color…

Of the pain of the original bending.

How does such vastness,

The knowing Life-Mind of the Infinite

Fit into this womb of a Body?

So that I hear the ocean in its curving of Light and Sound,

As in the turning spaces of a Nautilus:

The something in the nothing…

The glory in the emptiness…

The humming Presence not yet curved into melody.

Not yet aspiring, but by nature willing…

Not laughing, but essentially amused.

DAY 36: Chesed within Yesod

(Loving Kindness within Foundation)

Suffer the children.

Love the least of them;

It feels good.

Pity not their imperfect circumstance.

What glory in the womb of those wounds!

This pelvis

That locomotes around a frozen fist at its center,

What glory in the joy that lives and dances around it.

What bliss and revelation

As I rest onto a simmering summer car seat

And melt into a new reality,

one in which warmth reaches to heart,

and heart connects to Earth, all creation,

and belongs.

All is forgiven.

Everything makes sense.

Gratitude, Wonder, Thaw…

For one moment, Whole.


DAY 37:  Gevurah within Yesod

(Strength/structure/boundary within Foundation)

What do you do when the banner flag

flying from the post

sunk in the center of the

concrete of your foundation says

 Something is terribly wrong,

(or at least

Something is not quite right)?

The angels of your being will swim around the axis singing a perpetual counterpoint,

a song of affirmation that the prayer on that flag is just an opinion.

The flag will whip and snap riotously, relentlessly, in the wind of their breath.

Slowly, perhaps within an eon, the ink will flake off, molecule by molecule,

 the fabric will dissolve,

the concrete will crumble,

 the post will fall.

Then what will I be?

More importantly what can I do now?

What song can I sing?

How can I raise a new flag?

…And allow the miracle

 as it changes the shape of the mountain on which it stands?

DAY 38: Tiferet within Yesod

(Harmony/Beauty/Balance within Foundation)

I am praying for forgiveness,

Not only between us but within us.

I cannot stand tall in this wind.

So, I humble myself, bow down,

Where balance is easy against the ground.

Here I may still not remember how to love everything,

But the Earth reaches through me and offers you a hand.

Will you take it? Will you raise me up?

Or will the Earth pull you down here to join me?

I can’t concern myself if you will forgive me for that!

I must trust wise gravity to give us each a grassy place to land,

And grow.

Day 39: Netzach within Yesod

(Structure endurance/Victory within Foundation)

Freedom within Structure,

Fluidity woos constraint.

Power, Purpose, Playfulness,

Perpetual motion

Using the walls, floors, weight and mass

of the Womb-bird and its cage

This is the Glory of Belly-Dancing!

Some wound and wobble in this pelvis

Prevents such limpid lemniscation.

Yet I can invoke its glories and watch

where else in this vessel can that sumptuous song surge forth?

Freedom within Structure,

Power, Purpose, plenitude and poetry…

The willingness to wiggle my hips

in defiance of sanskaric rust, and

slowly grind new grooves of Joy through

 the sediments and ice sculptures of history

and plant fresh and fertile rows of the Timeless Smile.

DAY 40: Hod within Yesod

Awe Humility Glory within Foundation

I wake up… again,

still body abuzz with streaming blood.

The sky is lightening… again,

Grey, still sleeping dawn.

Memories report for duty

To remind I AM

who it is today… again.

Eventually, I overcome yesterday’s aftertaste

And embrace the day, and

Whistling to the dogs of my gifts—

“Time for a walk!”—

I say a little prayer and we spill out into the morning.

DAY 41: Yesod within Yesod

(Foundation within Foundation)

I held my sleek new iPhone.

The faculties around my periphery registered joy, admiration, wonder….

But I’d been evicted from my center by Ghosts

who live to haunt,

and what a homecoming party they were having!

Perhaps you know them?

Over there, perched upon my kidney, that’s How DARE You.  Has she dyed her hair?

Oh, and there isUnworthinessand his aunt Guilty. They look like they’ve been digging in the basement again.

See that guy on the couch who looks stoned? That’s Freeze!He’s also called Oh, Shit.He’s one of theTerror Triplets; but unless his brothers (Flight andFight) are around, he doesn’t speak or even move. He just sprawls there, takes up the whole sofa from solar plexus to root. Don’t engage him; your eyes will glaze over, too.

That girl whimpering in the kitchen is I’m Not Enough.She’s heiress to theScarcityfortune. Wait; when she turns around you’ll see her dog, Dread; he follows her everywhere.

The party was too crowded, so I decided to go tap on the door of the Sanitiesfor refuge. They are percussionists. We drummed for a while on my face, collarbone, head…and now,

As I place my thumb on the button of my phone,

As if on the bulb of a thermometer, the warming elixir of Ease, Grace and Amusement rises from my sacrum, floods every room, flows out the windows.

My home is my own again

DAY 42: Machut within Yesod

Majesty/Dignity/Nobility/I Can within Foundation

Original Sun

“You can trust in your basic goodness.

You must Trust your Basic Goodness,”

he said to me. A small permission;

A moment’s revelation that moved the Earth.

And every time I stand in the cool, soft grass,

This is what I reclaim.

And I remember that

senses washed clean by that spring in my heart

See a world likewise absolved,


Healed and Whole,

No matter what conditioned eyes behold.

Hineni = Hallelujah.

DAY 43: Chesed within Malchut

Loving Kindness within Majesty/Dignity/Nobility/I CAN

Yes. I love this too.

Bottom up, Heart out.

The mind cannot help.

I’m losing my stuffing…

Everything I ever swallowed and stuffed

is spilling out.

It started as a tuft

straining through the threads here and there,

Years of darning and turning over cushions,

Chasing the occasional bird pecking for her nest.

But now it is a feeding frenzy.

I cannot blame the birds;

This is their job in all this.

Mine is to remember that I prayed for it.

This harrowing mess

This seismic upheaval

This burning lava

This acrid sky

It is all Alchemy

Is my Truth,

Planted at my core before the Beginning,

Finally resurfacing after a laborious journey,

Layer by layer, reclaiming,

and, anon, repaving

my reality

with roses.

One day the scarecrow tumbles inside out.

No longer a scarecrow, he becomes a torch.

As a cloud of ashy smoke

He bows to Vulcan

And invites the badgers to


Savor his new green thorns.

DAY 44: Gevurah within Malchut

(Boundaries/Discernment within Majesty/Dignity/Nobility/I CAN)

Ya Maik! Ya Malikal-Mulk!

The Essence andthe Radiance.

The Pin, its Head, the Angels and the singing Infinity around it all.

No static structure can hold this!

One must be both particle and wave.

The Divine Spring and the Manna that pours forth,

The Milk of Majesty and Amnesia.

Too dizzying for a skull to hold.

Pass the Milk of Mag-nesia!


DAY 45: Tiferet within Malchut

(Harmony/Balance/Beauty within Dignity/Majesty/I CAN



Anahata Shokokyakka

Feel the inhale rest in exhale

River stone in palm

Cold hand in plush, warm glove

Feel the exhale root the inhale

Trusted Earth holds your feet

As you stand upon her shoulders

Anahata Shokokyakka

Anahata Shokokyakka

Even center-less, infinite radiance

Loves to come home to warm hearth in winter

…To cool grass in summer

Anahata Shokokyakka

Anahata Shokokyakka

Anahata Shokokyakka

Repeat the mantra

Wash yourself in the water wheel

Dissolve into the tide of joy.

DAY 46: Netzach within Malchut

Endurance/Victory/Structure within Majesty/Dignity/I CAN

I Live here

In this blessed mess

In this slightly cluttered Zen painting

In this unwieldy magic

In this edgy, mostly amused uncertainty

I live here

In this dissonant coherence

–Or is it coherent dissonance?—

this symphony with one instrument always off key.

And it is because I live here that it is Holy

And because I am willing to praise the flowers that fear calls weeds

It is Holier.


DAY 47:  Hod within Malchut

(Awe, Humility and Glory within Majesty/Dignity/ Nobility/ I can)

Yesterday was afflicted with involuntary “Grumph!”

Encrusted with anger, inflamed with fear, swollen with grief;

Gratitude uprooted, only a theory, a smiley-face Band-aid

Stretched transparent over a ripe and corpulent boil.

Hip biting Why?! Woe!with every step.

The world careening like an old drunk in an unseen storm.

I called upon a Shaman to Divine a New River with her Silver Quills

And I went to bed and floated on incoherent prayer

Until calm rose to the surface and floated me to a new shore.

This morning in the gloaming I looked up to spy the Buddha on power pole,

Still among clouds, framed by lucky leaves against the lightening sky.

I could not see his eyes,

But I knew he could see me

As we both gazed at quiet heart,

Resting, rising

in the vapors of Dawn.


DAY 48: Yesod within Malchut

Foundation within Majesty/Dignity/Nobility/I CAN

I want to feel the deep roots and flexible reed of my body-mind

conducting the living liquid miracle of my continuity with a creation.

But sometimes the fear in conditioning, the ardency of desire,

Makes the muscle of my mind too much the sphincter.

Even in its best intentions and gentlest efforts, it can only cinch the flow.

It’s a quantum truth: Observer influences object observed.

But it does not touch the Subject.

The work of Grace is not mine.

Mine is to let go into the fizzy atmosphere of my being

and BE Rooted,

Be Strength,

Be Suppleness,

and BE the tap root of Trust that makes is all possible.

DAY 49: Malchut within Malchut

Dignity, Majesty/Nobility/ I CAN, infinitely nested. 

It is what I seek.

My unmanifest destiny.

Territory where the tracks are not yet laid.

Here there be the dragons of

Old friends gone feral;

My Dharma to tame and reclaim.

Child self, Wise Soul, and unbounded Sophia,

Each in the lap of the next.

Infinitely nested Trumpet Bells

Harmonics sounding me into Wholeness

Heart, Horizon, Heaven

Body, Heart, Spirit.

Words cannot express.

There is no map..

No postcards. No words.

The great tree grows

From the seed of my willingness,

Through the soil of a composted identity.

The caterpillar never knows how

And might never recognize its own



Abwoon d’baashmaya

Nethqadash Shmakh

Tey Tey Malkuta…

Shining Cosmology

In three lines

How do I live this radiant, convection of infinity

Through body, sculpted as a fortress,

Eyes designed to distinguish,

Mind trained to own and parcel reality with names?

Only by drinking the Kool-Aid of impossibility,

Assent to kill our darlings as authors of our life

And let the radiance live me inside out and delight in the fleeting ageant lie a day at the carnival

Revel I the absurd

Fall in love with the stranger—

The stranger the better—

And find the best self of all.


Here begins 2018’s posting:

     This Spring, some weeks after the voice of Easter told me to write more and post daily, a friend gave me a book–written by another friend– that had inspired her. In the book, Revelations of the Heart: A 49 Day Journey of Poems and Prompts to Write your Way to Revelation, Randi Ya’el Chaikind explains the bare basics of the annual Hebrew ritual of “Counting the Omer.” It is a systematic practice of immersing “in the spiritual qualities of lovingkindness, boundaries, harmony, endurance, awe, foundation and dignity for 49 days,” and, as presented here, of contemplating the relationship, the mutual influence, between pairs of these energies. (These qualities are represented in the Sephirot from the Tree of Life.) In her prompts and poems, Chaikind invokes these qualities as lived experience, expressions and circumstances in our personal world. She presents it as a writing practice, documenting the poem each day had inspired for her in 2013.

     This practice originally commenced on the 2nd day of Passover.  I received the book, however, only days before Ramadan 2018; so, ever the ecumenical maverick, I began it the 49 Day of Counting Omer on the first day of Ramadan (and the second day after the 7th anniversary of my mother’s passing). Not able to engage in a month of full fasting, I was very glad to, at least, postpone breakfast for the observance.

     What follows are most of unpolished “poems” that have emerged as I proceed through the the 49 days. I add a week’s worth at a time, with no exposition to fill in contextual gaps; it is a personal practice. Yet, so often the personal reflects the universal.  I set them forth here, annotated (usually) only with the prompt offered in the book. If the practice intrigues you, I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself.

Day 1 (May 15):

Funnel web of gauzy fog

Narcoleptic heart

Love is everywhere,

  sticky and honey sweet

It burns where I adhere

Burns, yet loves, and almost itches

It would draw me down where eyes have no purchase

Colors run into the brown coffee aftertaste of my mother.

Day 4:

I am so sleepy;

My self refracted in a mosaic of sea-blue-green,

Shards that twinkle and ripple, like the surface of the depth that carries me, fills me with the truth that the frothy surf of somnolence would obscure from my recognition, like a no-trespassing sign encountered at the gate of one’s own old family home.

But this foam is the flotsam and jetsam of illusion, being churned and purged and offered to the sky, though it sticks yet to the water, for now.  Best to let it be, like Tar-Baby. It cannot sully the sapphire soul unless I choose to drink it. Just sing from the current beneath, and the peace below that.

Watch the little bubbles burst, watch the beer of the unbearable, the ale of what ails you, go flat.

Ride the waves. Be larger than Lager. Be the Lago.

Day 5 (May 19):

I keep waiting for the miracle.

I’ve seen how awe, its glad incomprehension, gathers the flock of innocents back from the cliff, into a grateful fleecy huddle of humility,

potentizes the alchemy,

dissolves the veil,

 puts me back into the womb,


So, as the little world inside shakes some sin with vigorous condemnation,

I bleat and plead to be spared sacrifice:

Death? Not so much.

More disownment by God.

(The God of my SELF)

Not because what I did was so bad,

But because I knew “better,”

Knew the rules and chose rebel’s exemption;

And I ‘ve done it before;

This is the last straw.

 I must suffer to be taught a lesson.

It looked like confusion, yes;

But it was a show of weakness, and laziness,

Disrespect for the gift of wisdom.

Silly Girl.

Grow up.

Though I have asked for guidance in all things,

I am yet uncertain if, in some greater design, my choice was necessary.

That rationalization hardly loosens the jaws of fear.

But I cannot bear the push and full,

The violence of this crucifixion,

The cognitive dissonance between love and hate, life and constraint.

So I pray for a miracle.

I let go my gripped heart,

…and the whole world with it.

I accept the Atonement for myself

and wait for the drop of Awe

that dilates the spasm of self

 in the bath of Absolution.

Let everyone be better for this.

Let the dawn carry the colors of loving kindness

deep into the vision of this aching, waking world.

Day 6:

Foundation within Loving Kindness

ACIM  Only salvation can be said to cure.

My mind is a prism

My world is a refraction

My thoughts cast shadows,

                  Cast nets, and lines

                  Cast doubt

                  Cast the whole production

Broadcast a faint and steady SOS to my Self.


In today’s rainbow beam:

At first the Light fogged my sleepy lens.

The body moved to disperse the fog; mind went along for the ride,

Keeping its farsighted eye trained,

 beyond the twists and turns of these waking wanderings,

On the column of stillness, which coalesced as I sat among the trees to meditate.


Drawing the fountain of breath from earth to air, from mine to Mind,

breath fills me from bottom to top, in the rising swell of mourning dove song:




–and sinks like falling leaf —




                                  Ooo… .


…releasing with each pulse a deeper layer of body, a subtler ray of the beam.


I will be human until I’m not.

Nothing can be done but to love it;

as I sit on a Holo-deck,

at once blissful tourist and orphan

haunted by unbelonging.


Today, as I gaze out from my Buddha body,

I become a still-point between a pair of turning deer.


Long did I sit, only eyes and heart moving,

Nerves and sinews whining for a change of position,

Gazing into the eyes of a young doe’s fascination,

Her insistent instinct, her hardworking nostrils,

Her eyes intensifying and softening;

The invisible communication between our bodies:

The twitch in her flank felt before seen by my own taut drum of perception;

Her snap to attention when a notion fires in my brain to move a pinched hip.

The slow bobble of her neck, left…then right…, to see me around a narrow post between us;

And the ineffable difference between portraits drawn by my left and right eyes

as I wink one then the other for the same purpose.


 Her examination is thorough; times turning to go and turning to stay, peering anew, lost in number;

Until, resigned that life will never be wholly safe, she kneels and lays down;

my heart melts with relief;

 I am still; not a threat.

Yet my smell (a chronicle of all acrid history) persists,

unsettling the cool air, insisting caution.


This uneasy idyll could not last,

Betrayed by the movement of her comrade

Whom I could hear and feel grazing up slope behind me, demanding her vigilance.

My harmlessness sullied;

She could not stay down.


Never will she not be a prey animal.

And though I am but a pray animal,

I dwell in the body of a predator.

We each must bear the tension.


Yet, still longer did we gaze, naturally loving and curious,

From the space within the strain,

Until, both before me and behind, she disappeared.

Day 7: Majesty/Dignity within LvngKndness

As I bleed and sleep, I am orphan to myself, held by One who tenderly holds and loves the bleeding as a drawing on a parent’s fridge and the sleeping as a “a phase,” an all-consuming crush, a refusal to see the use of algebra.

These are the retaining walls the child of the world needs to grow and know the supports of finitude. The One who is both Earth and Sky, who is the Heart within and between, knows the mountain beneath the molehill in me, in you, in I, in we.

Blood reveals the contours of transparent dignity, cleanses and collects it from the ancestors, and bathes it in the heart-shaped spring of compassion.

Day 9  (Strength within Strength)

A cool blue monolith of calm,

 the core of my being,

Around which swim the skittish fish of thoughts and the half-digested bait of old fears…

It looms, stands without base or roof,

without end,

deep in an ocean of all-ness, of saturated intelligence,

The vast sapphire space of radiant and rhythm-less Heart,

Humming the silent song of Knowing,

Always heard, mostly ignored,

 Until all faith in mind and mastery dissolves,

And its viper of light strikes me between the eyes,

 from behind my own head,

  softens the tree-top grip of monkey vision

So I can see under the water of the universe.

Day 10 (Harmony within Strength/Boundaries)

I need nothing from you.

Doesn’t that feel better?

We can either grip like telephone wires,

Strong only where we cling,

Or we can levitate side by side,

Minding our own gravity:

The magnetism of Love between our molecules,

Gandharva particles singing us each into the shape of her own soul.

Sideless side by sideless side,

Perfect and unique peals of laughter,

 blossoming fractals throbbing from one jubilant and infinite seed.

Day 11: Endurance within Strength


I believe in muscles still,

Though mine are not powerful,

And brawn is not what is needed here.

Patience, Willingness, Faith, Abstention, Forbearance

Call from beneath the false floor of loneliness,

and the dust of Doubt,

From the very Ground of Being, of Home, of Unity beneath…

Beyond the crawlspace we mistake for completion,

                  The cobwebs we mistake for walls.

Call for help;

Yet know the Strength is in the one who calls,

At least as much as in the firmamental mirror she addresses.

DAY 12 (Awe/humility/glory within Strength)

I wake each morning into a state somewhat the same as and somewhat different from the day before:

A different floor over the ground of Being.

And I seem to compare it to some standard, a state less remembered now than rumored;

And today, again, falls short,

is something to defend against,

pushed aside to leave a seat free for Elijah;


If I catch myself in my poor manners, and I meet the day’s state face on,

Fully inhabit its vapors with friendly attention,

I find it so rare, vast and complex as to be never fully knowable, but to be always fully admirable.

I happen there upon more of myself, the Presence enough to love this,to love everything, self included; to Love this Life.


Let me knock out that wall and set another table.

Elijah is here.

Day 13:  Foundation in Strength

The bones are strong and mostly in the right place.

 The plumbing still works: supple, flexible, if a little sensitive.

Yet the memory of brokenness, the rumor of original sin

 clouds the Holy Water in the chalice of my chasse. 

Like gingko seeds fermenting in the birdbath, it makes a fetid smell,

causing visitors to the garden to give the magnificent shade tree here a wide berth

 and choose the benches in the clear air and sun over by the dahlias and roses,

the trellises of intellect and the topiary of fantasy. 

The Gardener sifted out the seed long ago.

It is only habitual neglect that taints the water now….

But not to the birds.

They coo and twitter and await the return of the gardener’s apprentice, forgetful in his grief.

The mourning dove beckons with her sighing call:

“Come, Sit here, We would bathe in your tears!

Let our tiny talons scratch new sacraments;

Our wings sweep your Holy Basin with Joy.

Let our ablutions be your absolution.

Strength never left you.

Stagnation is a stage in Alchemy.

Day 14 Majesty/Nobility within Strength

(May 28thMemorial day)

I tremble at the threat of Eviction, and yet I know my soul wants to be uncaged, permitted, paid even to wander. Mine is a traveling ministry, but I fear that this is not a traveling body. That is an excuse. The body does not thrive in prison, this cell of fears, specters built in childhood with bricks of my parent’s ambivalences; yet I honor these like monuments. Why can’t I break free?

Why do I look to the walls to free me? Why do I seek to see through walls made of Kryptonite? It is why I try to exit through the back door of my mind or dissolve and seep between the lateritious particles. It is all a projections. Where have I put the key to the theater door?

Day 15 (Loving Kindness within Balance/Harmony/Beauty)

Balance, Harmony and Beauty:

They are the structures–

The artful and obedient daughters—

 of Loving Kindness.

They are pure elements of alchemy,

walking the gardens of Eden , 

and sitting to embroider their sacred geometry,

always constellated in the Golden Mean.

They exclude no one, love everyone;

they see only assonance, even in dissonance.

Weaned on entropy,

I learned to distrust them, envy them,

Andto protect them,

Ached with admiration, afraid that my worship—

the dust in the impurity of my attention—

might sully them, corrupt them,

suck them through the looking glass;

and that if I dilate the muscles of this fear,

I will disappear, never again able to behold their beauty,

And tremble with the hidden apprehension that

in my witness of them,

I am partner in the dance,

Am an equal agent, after all,

 in the perpetual ejaculation of Infinite Creation.

DAY 17 Harmony within Harmony

All is well.

The galaxy spins

And every star sings

Of the light that turns

On a fulcrum of darkness

..and wins.

And I AM a Mobius strip.

Inside is outside, out is in.

Yet in the twist where end begins:

A bottle neck,

Where dross collects,

 And doubt eddies,

Forms a phantom jetty,

In a river otherwise sure and steady.

This is the nature of the self,

And the paradox in which it swims.

Little harmony within

Big Harmony, with the single

Thought between so thin,

Yet gives infinity a rim,

And exiles me to limbo.

DAY 18: structure (endurance) within Harmony, Beauty and Balance

Being accustomed to gravity and finitude

 and noble life as a resistance bearing exercise,

I want to see the shape of the path before me,

want to see the plan, so my brain and brawn

can work together, in harmony and synergy. 

But I have out grown even this great sandbox.

I must now walk blind upon a catwalk of light and feathers,

which bridges an eternal instant, and dazzles me

with all that space knows and I’ve forgotten,

closes my blind eyes in a sleep

that allows my wakefulness to humbly steward the trolley car,

only appearing to drive.

Day 19:  Awe/humility within Harmony/Balance/Beauty

Every wayward thought is hubris, teenage rebellion.

Every discontentment a distraction, a denial of Perfection.

But how do we help it, what seems to be the Nature of the Human?

Watch the earth writhe as glowing worms of intelligence and imagination sculpt it inside out,

And watch the earth twitch, run through as it is with the electric miracle of Shakti!

How could it not? Ever galvanizing the question:

Am I the clay puppet or the hand of Light inside it?

I am both.

That is what it is to be Human: HumusAnimated;

Not miracle or curse, but the ever-roiling confluence of both.

I pray to make this a happy marriage.

DAY 20:  Foundation within Harmony

In Zen it is called ShokkoKyakka, the Ground of Being,

the place beneath our feet

which we  know is there yet can never see,

which is our Source,

a portal where hang together substance-less membranes

of separation and absolution,

where Big I becomes little I,

and curls like smoke into “me.”

It is my Holy Grail,

the only true home I remember,

just barely.

I am a copy;

my original lives there.

In meditation from exile

I savor these calls home.

Day 21  Majesty and Dignity within Beauty/Balance/Harmony

In a Holy game of dress-up, when heart puts on mind’s mantle of majesty and dignity, and gives mind to wear its robes of harmony, its sash of beauty and its crown of balance, when they switch garments even just in the mirror, each sees passed the garment to her self. Seeing this, they both know it doesn’t matter what they wear; it is all the same costume. Peeling away these vestments, they find themselves both naked, yet with each possessed still of the qualities both costumes impart, and something else: sameness, kinship. They discover they are twins, conjoined by a single Golden thread. No other threads are needed. They walk out in to the Garden to find this thread woven through the trees, the flowers, bees and birds, the earth and sky, and reaching over the hill to the sea. And just before the sun melts it all into one, they glimpse a golden glint on the sails of the enemy’s armada. And then there is nothing that is not, nor ever has been, Gold.

Day 22 (Loving Kindness within Structure/Endurance/Victory)

Even Will, Strength and Endurance are Fluid. Structure is but the manifestation of ordered Intelligence.  It can still be fluid. It needn’t be solid… unless one resists. 

I suspect I have feared solidity all my life, from the first few jarring collisions, when I learned that belief in solidity, and the frustration follows, begets all violence, and all defeat. 

But what if solidity is just a trick of the Light, catching the strength of ordered love just so, for only a fanciful instant, just the magnetic and ephemeral glue of thought? What if I meet solidity with a Love equally strong, so that nothing cracks when Love clouds collide except the lightning of the cosmic joke and the thunder of laughter,…and all corners soften like an acquired taste, like the bitterness of coffee with the cream of fellowship and the honey of forgiveness?

Day 23  (Strength/Boundaries within Structure/Victory)

Strength, Boundaries, Structure, Victory…

These are just words, concepts I cannot wrap my mind around as it turns to jelly.

Eden is in Full Bloom,

And I am a blind man with allergies.

Still, I am in Eden.

Still, I AM.

Let every sneeze come, with no backstory,

Just a phantasm exploding through my sensory field,

Which mewls at me from every grotto,

Like a hungry cat I was duped to think I had adopted

because it adopted me.

Let every Tomcat, dick and hairy, brawl it out.

I’ll sit here, useless,

In the center of a cyclone of flying fur,


Waiting not for the dogcatcher, but for God,

Who is here already.

I am the God-catcher.

I am Caught.


Day 24  ( Harmony/Balance/Beauty within Endurance/Victory/Structure)

I am in rebellion now against words that aren’t mine.

All words are translation: ill-fitting off-the-rack garments.

It doesn’t matter whether this essence, this virtue,

was poured, pure as chocolate, into the shape of

a bunny, a soldier or the holy Grail.

What matters is that it melts into you, shapes you, and how you shape it!

Vessel shapes meaning shapes vessel.

Endurance…structure…victory…harmony…balance… beauty,

All sons and daughters of one conception,

The One, blooming as daisy, rose, snowflake, Big Bang…(even your intractable Granthis)

Irrepressible, unique, ephemeral,

 Shapelessly eternal.

Harmony, Beauty, Balance/Endurance, Structure, Victory

Meaning leaps between the words like renegade electrons,

Strange leaky containers,

Clothing of identical sextuplets who swap their garments to fool the Governess of the Mind.

Once unclothed, no difference between them.

Life cannot be governed,

Only its abstractions.

Day 25  Enduring Victory within Enduring Victory

Victory cannot endure unless all parties win.

It is home big enough for all to know welcome.

We are quarantined in this asylum for our own good,

Projecting shadows on the bright, white walls:

Delusions and spasms of afflicted memory,

PTSD from the Big Bang.

We cannot remember before our nightmare.

And the ruts of our thinking crease our pajamas with stripes.

And the light we can’t see behind our eyes

 shines through the weave to cast bars on the doors and windows.

Yet this is still our Father’s House.

Sometimes I am relieved that Heaven must surround us,

Providing for our needs,

Until we decide to refuse the red pill of our forebearers

And take the blue one–  the one I took last week–

The one the squirrel was depositing on my bench each morning,

amid his dance of dash and dig.

I thought he was preparing for winter, for the barren apocalypse of Godless lack.

But he was simply planting Trees

Preparing for Eden.

(Victory endures because it never ends,

Extends forward and backward in time

Below these idle idylls of idols,

Beneath these rippling forest lawns,

In the very ground of being)

Day  26: Awe/Humility within Endurance/Victory/Structure

Once I knew God, was God; and in the simultaneity of all time, I still and always know God and AM God. There is no problem here.

I must have faith that I have Faith; have faith that faith is power; trust that in my blindness I see.

I pray to vanquish the smothering cloud of lies that make me doubt the existence of my own Cavalry.

I don’t know how to do what I want; I must trust that my only duty is the desiring.

Day 28: Awe and Majesty in Structure/Endurance, Victory

To protect myself from the world, I built a suit of scales, each scale a “but.”

They shimmer in the light, reflecting and deflecting it.

I came to believe my blood was cold and needed the warmth of a hospitable environment, else I would fall into torpor, corruption, and be eaten by vultures.

This morning I feel a chill.

Some sleeping seed stirs in the cold, blue blood inside me.

I do not yet know how to shed this scaly skin;

But I will not stare into the reflected glare and try to see myself.

I will meditate on this little seed, now a hissing flame of my Divine Voice,

Which, knowing how thin this skin is, sings through it to the condor.

And if she comes for this little body, I will get to soar closer to the sun.

If not, I will finally warm the land.

Day 29  Loving Kindness within Awe Humility and Glory

 Only Love is real and boundless.

Words are abstractions;

the edges of their limits can scar our intelligence;

so we must wield them with tender humility.

Here goes:

Last evening I watched Death dance until I could see only Beauty.

Try it; look into the eyes of a Death

 and see the blameless magnificence of Life.

Do not flinch with survivor’s guilt.

It is all the same Life; each of us holds our part.

Carry the torch a while, singing is praise in your unique voice.

Walk grateful and proud, immune to greed and arrogance.

We are here but to witness, to wonder and to Love;

never to fear and never to judge.

Do your best; it’s plenty.

Day 30:  Strength within Awe/humility/Glory

I’m not supposed to hold it all myself,

nor even to hold myself up alone.

In fact, I only stand tall to give my heart the altitude for a higher perspective and a deeper bow.

In my mind I might be Atlas, yet in body I am but one Caryatid. 

And in the rubble-strewn gap between them labors Sisyphus.

What if we all laid down our burden and let the strong loft of relief,

the updraft of gratitude,

carry us to Heaven?

My strength is in the power to tack and keep my sail full with fellowship,

Not in resisting the headwind, but in the thrill of the wind at my back,

plunging me forward heart-first,

mind surfing the wake, dizzy with wonder.

It’s a greater gale that charts my course.

Sure, plant your feet, Soul, but bend your knees;

Lean in, but enjoy the ride.

Feel how your swaying is the alternating current between Earth and Heaven.

Day 31:  Harmony and Beauty within Awe, humility and glory

“The Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,” says the Sufi Invocation.

Yet, it’s an abstraction,

oblivious to the wobbling of the unbalanced top in my heart,

which hum an identity of need

 as it spins to throw off the knot of urgency, the swollen “but,”

that weights and sags its native, light percussion.

Can I see that in the chaos of a busy kitchen is the harmony of its intention, of the feast to come?

Can I bow not to what I see, but to what I know…what I am…

and what you are beneath the flour-caked brow, jam smudged cheeks,

the egg yoke on the trousers next to the unzipped fly, 

the wasp in the batter, and the beads on your brow

reflecting my own faithless consternation?

This heartburn is just a heart yearning for the perfection to come.

We know the what; we just don’t know the how;

So we squeeze shut our eyes and spin around –“La lala la la!”—

To drown out the excitement we mistake for fear.

They say every stage of evolution is honorable.

And before we can even finish licking this beater,

With one chord change, this whole cacophony will resolve,

And you, and I, and this whole teeming scene,

the very music of the spheres,

will disappear into Om.

Bow down, taste the earth while you can.

Day 32  Endurance within Awe/humility/Glory

I was raised in a gated community that calls itself mankind.

But some time—

perhaps as I opened my mouth to decry some petty injustice,

or to ask an impertinent question,

 or even to gape in awe at the glorious blossom of some weed that had intruded on the manicured lawn—

 a seed from beyond the walls blew in,

and I swallowed.

Or maybe it was there all along.

Now, years on, as something grows inside me,

and the walls of the enclave press in upon me, oppressing my mind,

I’ve been bailing the ballast of personality, of rules and assumptions,

right down to the tenacious, ivy-bound replica of those walls inside me.

Even these are crumbling, as the roots of that seed displace the blocks.

And I wonder what will be left when it finally topples,

even as I cheer on the fiercely wise tendrils of this rebel creeper,

and I bow down to kiss one of its thousand ready buds,

perchance to fall—like Alice—head first,

body and soul,

into the bright black eye of her center

and become the secret she reveals.

Day 33: Awe/humility/glory within Awe/humility/glory

How does the infinite fit inside the infinite?

If “God” is infinite, who created the finite? …why? …and what is it made of?

And who conceived of Time… and Space… and air and earth,

so that a skull appeared around the mind of God, like scum on custard, crust on bread, 

and made boundary look like safety.

If there is only awe to inhabit awe, there is all river and no shore;

all creatures can swim; no one drowns in the flood!

I would go on, but words are containers, bubbles in the water,

memories of the membrane that birthed the first false humility.

Bow down now; wrap your lips round your tail and draw as on a straw.

Just try to drink to the bottom of your Chalice. The glass might disappear, you won’t.

There is no end to this miracle.

There is no end to this poem…


Day 34:  Foundation in Awe/humility/glory

There is always something bigger than me; something too big to see.

In this game of hide and seek, in which the rule is not to be found,

and I pretend I am not lonely in my hiding place,

what a relief it is to be found, to FAIL,

and be, for a few moments

–glimpses of eternity and wholeness—

liberated from the game…

…To feel my sparrow self lifted

and cradled in a great, warm hand

that might crush me but does not,

as I feel my heart take on His/Her pulse,

and my tiny wings span the cosmos,

embracing all creation,



Day 35:  Dignity/Nobility within Awe/Humility/Glory


“Today I Am, a Small, Blue thing,” sings Suzanne Vega.

This is a song of Self-knowing,

I am what I am.

(I knew myself in it instantly.)

And I rest, “like a marble or an eye,”

Among the baubles in this corner stall of the marketplace of the world,

Unseen by thousands of passersby, noticed by but a few, chosen by the Mystery,

Who slow and linger,

Whose fingers reach out hardly of their conscious volition,

To touch, to roll me in their palms, to hold me to the light,

To know comfort, inspiration,

To know themselves better in this moment’s meeting,

To share the sacred currency of a time before coins,

That reminds them they are rich– richer now.

Some will be tempted to put me in their pockets and carry me a while.

This is not by business.

I am a small blue thing,

True and Pure.

And I am that no matter where I am.

The Mystery is the bestower of sacred baubles,

And also the hole in every pocket

through which all sacred currency flows

… when it is time.


Day 36:Loving Kindness within Foundation


Kīnder Garden


Breakfast in Eden today; no reason.

The sweetness of simple breath,

The dewy innocence of returning to kindergarten,

Of letting myself off the hook

And into a nest of pillows—

Soft thoughts of forgiveness, plush velvet amusement,

No chores; only entertainments

And tickling bubbles of a Shirley Temple

Waiting for me, with flowers,

 on a tray in the garden of Grace,

As if it is my birthday,

As if I’m special,

As if I’m valuable,

Because I AM.


Day 37: Strength/Boundary/Discernment within Foundation

I never liked a puzzle I couldn’t solve

(which makes life itself uncomfortable).

There is no malice without fear; no fear without memory of malice.

In my cosmology there was no malice in the Big Bang, nor it its Source.

So, from what strange alchemy did it arise?

If I know my innocence,

and I know yours,

 what strange catalyst in a moment’s membrane between us animates this chimera of distrust?

If I am absolved for all my illusions, why do I yet steel myself against the assault of your judgment? Why is my essential goodness not amulet enough for both of us?

Is the tangy, magnetic taste of one’s own wounds such an addictive substitute for the nectar of absolution?

 Is the binding grip of the jaws on the teething ring of inherited grudges so much more satisfying than the sweet unfurling of the  flower of freedom?

What is the cure for the habit of aloneness, which begat all other habits in this sad nunnery?

How does one shed this cassock and be a true bride of God?


DAY 38: harmony/Beauty/Balance within Foundation

In this carnival, all the games are rigged,

especially the game of how to escape without losing.

Once you know this,

once you accept that losing is not failure,

You gather all your tokens into the heart of a sportsman,

rather than hording them in the leaky pockets of a victim.

You laugh when your throw goes awry.

You know you did your best,

and you learned how the yellow rings are weighted on one side.

And when the throw of another knocks off your hat,

You notice your head is still on, and you both smile,

Knowing that his throw was sure, if not the direction, and

That it won’t be long before he himself gets beaned.

No one gets out alive; but you do get out.

And loving every player,

Every blade of grass on the field—

Even if you know it’s Astroturf—

Gets you home sooner than hating the game.


Day 39:  Structure, Endurance, Victory within Foundation

The Will is associated with the kidney energy, the braid of Yan and Yin that roots soul, through sole, to the Earth, and draws up life force to animate body, mind, emotions and the wisdom of the ancestors.

By some mysterious spiritual conspiracy, I live with kidney deficiency. And rather than deriving strength and flexibility from trunk and roots, my tree grew to depend on higher branches and artificial forts around the heart to compensate.  These structures are false identities– shields and scars–binding, obstructive, rigid.

Even thinking, even projecting my gaze outward, draws slurping and gurgling from a well near empty.  When I am over-stimulated and tangled by engagement with externals, when my exertions have exceeded by reserves, the upper branches tighten their knots. I cannot find nor wield my will coherently. Communication seems to falter in the lines between Heaven and Earth.

The heat from the squeeze at center vaporizes Will into a cloud that hovers outside the body, diffuse and unfocused, waiting until the knots loosen, the waters settle and refill the well, and there is safety and space to again root in the body, to draw from the Earth and move my branches gracefully again, whispering my own song in the winds of the world.

A tree isn’t meant to walk about and hawk its shade far and wide. It is meant to be still, grow deep, high and wide, and let the sun move its shade– in daily strokes of cool praise upon the Earth– and draw Life– from below, above and abroad– to it its laughing leaves and beckoning arms. 

Day 40: Awe/Humility/Glory within Foundation

I can find no Glory here, except for its memory,

…and my humble appreciation for Glory herself: sensitive, caring, lucid and strong, and generous.

And I am also awed by how the fear griping me with shame,

 and the arrogance of pride and self-protection,

can so obscure all my goodness, beauty and worthiness,

and shake it right to the foundation,

to the original fault that I was distracted, duped to forget my Holy perfection and safety,

and, having lost sight of it, was no longer worthy of it…

Like when my parent took away my puppy because I did not care for it consistently.

Like when my father, jaw tight and dripping with derision, called me worthless.

How my mother, in her own hysterical anger and self-doubt,

 sent me to my father with the message that he didn’t want me either.

Those compelling lies , which strafed and stripped the polish off the innocence that is my essence–

 through and through, pure and permanent–

obscured for now by the scab that formed to protect and defend the broken remnants in a cloud of doubt.


Day 41:  Foundation within Foundation  (Sacrum)

Sacrum as Cosmic Egg


Space is infinite; there is no floor.

Yet here I stand.

What is the common fundament to space and mind and blood and bone,

that nest together in the foundation of my spine,

aching with solidity and eternity?


Is it strength or stubbornness that makes the sacrum, the densest bone of the body, dissolve last? Strength and Stubbornness are but tricks of the light dancing upon the liquid diamond of Will.


There are two “selves” here,

two wills, two worlds.

And they nest, like Quanta,

one inside the other,

and then vice versa.


Sometimes the little self,

the “me,”

the sandbar of sanskara,

the egoic scaffolding of perceptions, dis-permissions, false walls and ceiling,

looms inside the infinite Self,

the I,

 like a galaxy hangs in the inky forever of space,

suspended like an embryo in a shell-less egg.


Other times, somehow, it seems that the Infinite “I” is caught,

tangled and chaffing inside the shrinking, sharp-cornered wreckage of personhood ,

 no space to breathe, no memory of eternity. 


How does this happen?

Is it just a fluke of gravitational gyration,

    of the wriggling of consciousness ever birthing itself,

  a Mobius strip turning itself inside out—whoops—and with it the universe?


 Is it a choice? Does someone choose it? Who?


How can I know I’m both

(both wills, both worlds, both selves, both space and solidity)  

and not know I can choose?

Is shadow God’s favorite trick of the light. Or just mine?

Bone makes blood; blood makes bone:

Life makes ache;

 ache makes life.

Making makes the maker.


Day 42  Majesty/Dignity/Nobility within Foundation

If the body is a prism, then sensation is color.

Pain, then, is just a color, one of many,

with countless shades and intensities.

Is there such a thing as a bad color?

Even if I prefer purple,

and I avoid green,

even cast aspersions upon it,

I cannot make it bad,

Except in my own mind.


If we believe mistakes are permanent,

That they collect like sediment into stone

That walls us off from our Holiness,

It is opacity, not color, that weighs us down.

We stack pain, like old photos, 

out of sight in our hips,

and we wonder why it becomes hard to walk our path.


We outlive our forebears,

To walk a few steps more beyond.

If we forgive them the humanity they could not bear in themselves,

They will be so grateful and light

And glad to take back the burden we carry for them.

And if we then forgive ourselves,

Our hips will swing free

As we cross the finish line of mortality,

Champions of Love.


Day 43;  Loving Kindness within Majesty/Dignity/Nobility

This body

may be an illusion,

but the ache is real enough.

The spectacle of the world may be but

a conjuring within the mind of Medusa,

and each of us a snake, rising from the scalp of her earthen fire skull.

And the King Snake of Doubt

may have mesmerized the citizens of Eden

with his gleaming eyes and fangs of fear,

But every bit of it is animated with the original electric intelligence

of a source-less Source.

So, to denigrate the place I stand

is to try to free the hand from a glove

with a choking tourniquet or an acid bath.

Every pixal of this spectacle,

every bit of this game

—the player and the puzzle—

is pure Life.

Knowing this, I choose Love

and become apprentice to the Master Charmer Himself….

Until he sheds his skin and reveals Herself to be I.

Fangs may smart me along the way,

But I only die into the anti-venom I AM.


Day 44, Boundary/Discernment within Majesty/ Foundation

Nuclear Fusion

We are taught to loathe the Impasse,

The still-point in a tug of war… or wills… or winds.

These things are not solid,

Yet the walls of tension they suspend seem most intransigent of all.

Because, here at Camp Duality, there is more strength in Two than One.


Think of the power then

When the balance tips,

When a mind changes,

When a heart breaks open,

When a damn gives way.

God Roars, and everything rushes to feed a common hunger.

What power, then, when all of us are pushing in the same direction in this Earth,

With nothing to stop it, all flows in a circle: Nothing lost; nothing gained,

Only sharing, community, ease, and wholeness,

And then, eventually, the only thing we fear more than impasse:



 “Boring!” I hear you say?

“And what’s this to do with Boundary/Discernment within Majesty/Nobility? “

Only that this is the Impasse we must Love, Campers,

Until we crack the Binary Code

On the Lock of our Gates.

And the door we’ve pulled on for so long

Swings open and we tumble backward into Heaven.


What power in illusions

That enables us to play tug of war with a mirror!



Day 45: harmony/Beauty/balance within Majesty/Dignity (Kingdom)


When my Goddess rests upon her throne

In the vaulted hall of her heart’s home,

She knows her belonging there,

And order sings from stair to stair.

No better she than mote or mouse,

And all are welcome in her house.

But she knows she was born to play

A certain role, her lines to say

Are written in her DNA.


But if, in mischief, she should stray

The clarion bells all turn to tin

And she grasps out beyond her skin

For what is still concealed within.

But Royal Blood is pure and strong,

Will not forget for very long,

The tune of its eternal song.


Perfection never twice the same,

lived with reverence, not shame.

Know thyself and Let it Be:

Divinity, Infinity,

With thy nose and personality!


Day 46: Endurance/Victory within Majesty/Dignity/Kingdom

If only I could remember how to breathe under water.

NO need, then, to fear drowning,

–floating in reality, dissolving back into unity.

And the looming shadows of this body,

resting at the sea bottom, into the sands of time,

would no longer frighten me of abandonment by dry land:

a long but finite exile mistaken for Home

by one who is 70% water and native to the Stars.


Day 47: Glory/Awe/Humility within Majesty/Dignity/Kingdom

It is only because I have forgotten to Trust myself that I can’t trust you,

…that I fear that a NO to the past, cannot be a YES for all Time, free of shrapnel and barbed wire.

…that the YES of this radiant Heart needs no cover, no mustard gas,

as it rises, great as the Sun, from this plain I mistook for a battlefield

and reveals these trenches to be filled with unguent, molten gold kinship,

tears of Joy that this nightmare was only real if I share it.


Day 48: Yesod (Foundation) within Malkut (Kingdom/majesty/dignity)

Today, this Sacrum says it is the heart of body, bone and blood.

It the spade that cleaves the solid clay and carves out a Well:

a Home for emotional intelligence and earthly wisdom,

a salon of fluent intimation between Heaven and Earth.


I notice how the well freezes with fear and boils with agitation when I look upon our president.

It is the Terror of looking upon corruption and fearing myself corruptible,

…of looking on chaos and pain as contagion to which I am susceptible,

because I have a body, too.

To see he has forgotten the Truth is only frightening to the degree to which I have forgotten, too.

So, today, I stared it down.

I held his writhing visage in my unflinching gaze,

Felt my stomach seize and my heart wriggle, kick and try to wrench away…

Until my eyes stopped seeing monster,

and my vision saw in the blustering specter before me only the force of Life,

Primal intelligence, expressing through molecules of oily, ochre clay.

My heart dilated; its floor gave way,

And the earth we both stood on carried us, merging avalanches, into a bottomless space,

Blending our indistinguishable rubble in a rarified radiance.


It was only an instant; then my body was back,

and with it the moment-to-moment choice:

Two or One?

Fear or Freedom?


Final Day, 49:

Malkut within Malkut;  Kingdom/Majesty/Dignity, inside and out.

Today’s ACIM Lesson: I call upon the name of God and on my own.


It is a relief to come to the end of words.


I call upon the name of God and on my own…


It is all here.

In the silent sound of YES humming here as letters vanish.

It is– I AM– the fabric of Joy on which dances the alphabet of the senses.

There is no name for God and none for me.

It is simply the impulse before the ThankYou,

Shared by all, invoked to create each next moment.


Have you noticed, with that poignant strain,

that no matter how many word magnets await you on a refrigerator,

It is never enough?

Whether you know what it is or not, some word is always missing

to say what you might, to express what you know,

to unlock this hidden treasure for the world.


We might be tempted

to shrink to fit within the vocabulary before us,

or to open the fridge and find some confection of distraction.


Today, say NO,

And feel it turn to YES on your tongue,

and in your belly, 

to the nectar of boundless Knowing in your heart:

It is complete, but never finished.