IV. WordGarden Verbal Medicine

  “I have known hypercritical readers who would let the presence of a comma where none should be, or its absence where needed, derail their attention and wreck a noble train of thought. And I have known others, not critical enough for their own well-being, too easily swayed, too readily yielding their faith, neglecting to require of the author proof of his right to their confidence.  —  “Edward N. Teall, Books and Folks 173 (1921).

Proofing, Editing, Ghostwriting and Creative Coaching for writers and non-writers.

   I enjoy variety in my work, and I embrace the opportunity to work in all manner of styles and topics,  whether as a writer or as support to another writer.

   That said, with a combined background in Wordsmithy and in the realms of healing and Spirit, I have  a facility with translating between Left Brain pursuits and Right Brain experience. My niche has become helping others convey their insights and experiences in realms where verbal communication falls short, without losing the illumination, the deeper transmission.

   As people are Waking Up across the planet at the same time as self- publishing opportunities surge, many are inspired to publish their discoveries –Beautiful!  But, as a longtime media reviewer for a New Age magazine, I must confess that so much of what arrives for review is woefully muddled, lacking the coherency and basic literacy to sustain and convey even really good ideas with the clarity, power and precision merited.

   In other eras, the advantage of major publishing houses was the editing service built in to their book-birthing process. Now an author must take responsibility for that part himself, whether he is a writer or not.  This leads to either inhibition in the author or obliviousness to the shortcomings of his work.    It needn’t be so.  

I can help.  

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